How often do you buy used items? Is there anything that you won’t buy used? Buying second hand can save you a ton of money in the long run. Most secondhand items for sale are gently used so you can keep more money in your wallet without having to sacrifice quality.

Here are a few things you should always consider buying used as they will always be much cheaper yet still long-lasting that way.

1. Cars

Woman who just bought a used car

Vehicles start depreciating in value from the moment you drive off the lot in them. In most cases, a car is never considered an asset because you can’t add on to it or fix it up to increase it’s value like you can with a home. For the most part (with a few minor exceptions), you will never be able to sell a car for more than you bought it for. If you fix cars and improve the interior and exterior elements of a vehicle, that’s another story.

But, if you’re looking to save money on purchasing a quality long-lasting car, you should almost always buy used. It’s important to do your research when choosing a used car and bring a mechanic along with you to check out any vehicles you are interested in. There is definitely more risk involved with purchasing a used car. If you don’t thoroughly examine and test the car before purchasing it, you could get stuck with some expensive repairs and maintenance costs.

Great used cars do exist though and you can even save a significant amount of money by purchasing a make and model that is 3-4 years old as opposed to a brand new car.

2. Furniture

furniture in a living room

Furniture is another item that you should consider buying used. Furniture can cost a fortune when you buy brand new items at furniture outlets or department stores and some people even rack up debt from financing their furniture. You can find great deals on tables, chairs, desks, couches, and television stands at consignment shops, garage sales and moving sales.

Most furniture is easy to clean and disinfect and you could save hundreds of dollars on a kitchen table or end tables for your living room by buying used. For couches, I would be extremely careful and draw the line at bedding. Not everything can be purchased used and your bed/mattress should be one of these items that you buy new.

My home is furnished with tons of used items and my favorites include:

  • My large kitchen table that seats up to six people
  • Entertainment center in the living room
  • Dresser in my son’s room
  • One of our love seats with a matching ottoman
  • Three lamps
  • Coffee table

No, my house doesn’t look like one big thrift store. It’s actually pretty organized, homey and clutter free. Furnishing your house with used items simply requires a little more creativity to be able to piece things together and make the rooms in your home look nice. It’s a slight challenge and a fun project to say the least, but it’s definitely worth it.

3. Clothes

Rack of clothes at a consignment shop

Before you run out and buy brand new clothes, try searching for the items you need at a resale shop like Goodwill or Savers first. These stores get tons of donations each day and they sell wearable clothing and some of the most popular brands at extremely discounted rates. Used clothes are the best option for parents with young growing children. There’s no need to spend top dollar on clothes that your children will outgrow soon.

Some thrift stores even offer additional sales and discounts on certain days of the month making it the perfect time to shop for needs and stock up for less instead of spending all your money at department stores for items you may not wear as long. National Thrift Shop Day is coming up in August and I’m sure there will be more deals available for everyone to take advantage of.

4. Video Games and Movies

Man playing a video game jumping off a chair

Just like electronics, video games and movies lose value over time and the older they get the more affordable they become. Unless you’re utilizing a particular video game regularly or watching the same movie all the time, I’d recommend buying these items used for less money since you may only make use of them a handful of times.

These days with new high-tech game systems being released each year, brand new video games can average around $60 each. If you wait a while or even a few weeks, you can purchase the games you want used and in good condition for a fraction of the retail price. At garage sales and resale shops, some movies sell for as low as $1.

Even if you buy games or movies new in the hopes of reselling them when you’re done using them, it’s unlikely that you be able to make any money back since you won’t be able to price the item as if it were brand new anymore.

5. Tools and Recreational Items

Hammer, wrench, drill and other hand tools

Tools aren’t always used regularly, so your best option would be to borrow or purchase them used. For simple tools like hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers etc., you should have plenty of options to choose from judging by the various different pawn shops, flea markets, and thrift stores that sell these items used.

For tools that require a motor,you should only consider buying used from people you trust and know well since the item could be worn down or broken. You might want to buy a majority of your power tools new to avoid getting shortchanged in any way.

Other recreational items that I love to buy used are bikes, sporting equipment, and outdoor chairs. Purchasing these items brand new might not fit in everyone’s budget but the price tag on most of these items that are used make it more attainable for everyone.

What are your favorite items to by used? Do you track and optimize the extra savings you generate by purchasing used?

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