Truly humbled and inspired… ┬áThose are the words I would choose when thinking about the scholarship entries this year.

First, the facts for the 2016 scholarship:

Applicants for scholarship: 1867

Different Schools: 424

I must tell you that after reading each of the submitted applications, I was completely blown away by the stories, the goals, the struggles… ┬áThere are a LOT of people out there in the world trying to better themselves through education. Hat’s off to each and every one of you that submitted an application for the scholarship!!

Without further ado, the 2016 winner is….

Cylain Dandridge from Harris-Stowe State University

Congratulations Cylain and we wish you great success in your college endeavors!!

(By the way…upon notifying Cylain as the winner we have asked for her response and if she sends one in we will post it here)

Didn’t win this year? We have posted our 2017 scholarship information here so make sure you apply!

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