Hi I’m Jason,

I serve people who love to save money, who are struggling to get out of debt, or who secretly yearn to start their own business and exit the rat race.

Do any of those people sound like you?

If so, you are in the right place!

Whether through living a frugal lifestyle or starting that “side hustle” they have been dreaming of, I help people get their sh*t together, and moving along the right path.

When I’m not writing for this blog (or a million other places on the internet) I enjoy spending time with my family – I have 3 children:

  • 15 year old boy (the shy one)
  • 10 year old girl (the wild outgoing one)
  • 3 year old girl (we’ll see)

Needless to say I’m c-r-a-z-y busy…but aren’t we all?

My passions revolve around business:

  • Conceiving them (the fun part)
  • Launching them (the busy part)
  • Growing them (the hard part)

I have been a business “owner” since the age of 14 but I’ll save those stories and details for another day. Needless to say, I have been around the block when it comes to creating small businesses.

If you are just dying to know more about me then here you go:

  • I can literally bend my thumb all the way back to my wrist (pretty cool trick if I do say so myself)
  • I am a self-annointed connoisseur and expert of all things burrito (not good English I know but I’m telling ya, I know my burritos)
  • I used to drive a pink car…like Pepto Bismol pink (on purpose, really)

Enough useless information for now 🙂

I should also mention that I have two staff writers here at Financial Sumo – Chonce and Derek. They write a weekly column and you can learn about them here:

Chonce Maddox

Chonce Maddox

Staff Writer

Chonce is a freelance writer who’s obsessed with frugality and passionate about helping others increase their savings rate, eliminate debt, and work toward financial stability. She chronicles her journey to becoming debt-free on her blog, mydebtepiphany.com.

Derek Sall

Derek Sall

Staff Writer

Derek has been writing about personal finance for five years at LifeAndMyFinances.com. He absolutely hates debt, which is why he owns his car and his house free and clear and suggests that everyone else do the same. His equation is simple: get out of debt, save money, and be rich!

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